O Boticario - World Class Innovation, Technology, and Unique Patented Formulas!

Through touch, smell, vision, hearing, and taste you can perceive the world that surrounds us. The information is collected by your five senses and processed in the brain, resulting in a biochemical reaction that makes you become happier and healthier.  O Boticario has created the technology to stimulate your senses and provide this balance, wellness and happiness!  In doing so O Boticario has become an international award winning company for innovation, packaging, design and fragrances.


Boticario Innovation

  • Global Natural/Native Ingredients from the 5 continents

Formulated with exotic and natural extracts and essential oils from the Amazon rainforest and around the world! A few examples, Americas:  vanilla, passionfruit, pitanga, cocoa, coconut water, chestnut, brazil nut.  Asia:  bergamot, banana, fig, mulberry, mango, plum, apricot, sandalwood.   Europe:  rosemary, spearmint, althea, herbs, verbena.  Oceania/Australia: melaleuca.  Africa:  aloe vera.  Boticario use only organic and sustainable ingredients wherever possible.


Boticario Essential Ingredients

An explosion of scents that will stimulate your senses

When smelling a fragrance we immediately unchain a bioelectrical impulse in our central nervous system, causing important neuroimmunological and psychic reactions that can make us become happier and healthier.



  • No Animal Testing

In keeping with O Boticario's philosophies as a company that respects and protects the environment,   supporting conservationist and social responsibility - no animal testing has been used in development
of their products.

  • Dermatology (Skin) & Ophthalmology (Eye) tested

O Boticario continually invests in research and innovation.  It has a modern research centre and is in contact with an international technology network composed of universities, study centres, suppliers and consultants, in order to exchange information and conduct the most up to date research.

  • Baby products by Boticario  - No alcohol content

(Brazilian Paediatric Society approved)

Baby Boti International Packaging Award 2003


  • Biodegradable & Recyclable packaging only with Boticario

The Boticario packaging materials are degradable, which turn biodegradable, decomposing themself into
fragments which are easily absorbed by the environment when disposed.

  • 1% of Boticario annual net earnings to socially responsible initiatives

Environment, Culture & Community