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Processing Time

  • Your payment will be processed as soon as possible and then a confirmation sent to you by email.  Once this confirmation is received, your order will be posted to you.  Depending on where you are, it can take anywhere between a few days and up to 3 working weeks maximum to arrive at your postal destination.  If at anytime you have a concern please do not hesitate to contact us.  You will get an email on the exact day the order is shipped, please allow maximum time from that date, unfortunately, unless prior arrangment is made all goods will get sent via normal postal systems.

Paypal details

  • Your Paypal receipt or paypal credit card receipt and or bank statement will show a payment to "24 hour boutique" and this will be the payment for your Boticario order from this site.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SHIPPING & Postage Fees

  • A minimum/maximum  postage fee will apply for orders of Boticario   - in Australia max of up to $10, New Zealand  $20, and all other international countries $30/$50 depending on quantity.

  • Should you require express shipping please ask us and hopefully we can accommodate your needs.


  • Don't know what perfume to buy - no problem just drop us an email and tell us the type of scents you/your recipient likes and I can   recommend my selection.  As I work with many customers during the week I have an extensive knowledge of personal preferences once customers express their favourite scents to me.  Some perfumes can be even age and personality driven, so don't forget to add those notes as well.

HOW TO STORE YOUR boticario PERFUME & how long it will last


  • O Boticario advice is that your perfume can last up to 10 years if it is stored correctly - because most ingredients are natural and there is only one low level preservative incorporated into their formulas.  It won't turn into vinegar, as a lot of perfumes do only after a short time.  It is preferable to store in a cool, dark space - store in your drawers or wardrobe if not in continual use.


  • My classic recommendations for Mum's is Linda Perfume or Glamour PerfumeLinda Perfume is one of the stronger perfumes with soft spicy undertones,  while Glamour Perfume is one of Boticario's best seller's worldwide, so you cannot go wrong with either of these.  Both are suited to customers from 20 year of age up to any age.  Glamour is a classic floriental, but not too sweet, and as I mentioned earlier is one of their best sellers.  Both are EDT and are great to wear anytime of the day or night.

WHAT IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR DAD (Males in general - Young or old - not even Dad's)


  • I usually recommend Classic EDT, as by its name it is just that.  A wonderful toned EDT to suit any male.  One of the retailers who has been in perfume for centuries (not really) but he is an expert, said that Classic Perfume for men by Boticario is just one that every male should have in their stable of perfumes.  Elegant, yet casual enough to be worn anytime, by any personality (young or old, conservative or adventurous).  Bottom notes are woody complex and musk, combined with top notes of citric and spices.


  • Two great examples of collectible perfume bottles that Boticario have are two collector's limited edition bottles, Tarsila Perfume and Portinari Perfume.  Both are based and inspired by modern Brazilian artist's Tarsila do Amaral and Candido PortinariCollectors of perfume bottles should not miss the opportunity to secure these pieces of art in glass and packaging.

  • Tarsila Perfume is a wonderful hibiscus perfume for females of all ages, based on the art by Tarsila do Amaral
  • Portinari Perfume is based on the modern Brazilian art of Candido Portinari