Boticario Customer Feedback

Boticario perfumes appeal to all ages, nationalities and have a wide variety of scents to please all personalities

Here are just a few of the comments we have received back from our Boticario Perfume customers - we would love to add yours as well, so please email us with what you think of the Boticario Perfumes, what is your favourite and why!!!

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  • Like Insensatez I would like something fresh. Could you please give an advice for this 2nd perfume I would like to buy?
    For the second one  I am hesitating between "Carpe Diem" and"Classic".  I received my order at the beginning of the week and am very happy.  Thanks again for your perfume advice and for the quality of the service.  I will order again for sure.  Kind regards, Frantz,  Paris France.


  • The fresh scent of Arbo Man is one of my favourites, I bought one for my partner, and then another one for my son.  It is a great male fragrance to wear everyday,  fresh, and for those who love the outdoors..my partner loves riding his motor bike and walking on the beach, so it is great for him to wear during the day.   Beach and outdoor lover Australia


  • I just love most of the Boticario perfumes, and I have been telling my friends, but most of them I use can be used as unisex perfumes, it just depends on what the fragrance is like once you put in on your own skin. For instance, I just love Accordes, on me, even though it is marketed as a female perfume. Raymond, Mooloolaba


  • Comment from Ronnie Zak, from this Boticario Online web site, I find most of my customers, just like you, pick the perfume they like, and don't care whether it is marketed as male or female perfume. Some ladies just love the strong scent of the patchouli in Quasar for Men, while I have a male customer who loves the violet base in Quasar Female. Likewise with Egeo they can be unisex perfumes from Boticario. The other favourtie with my female customers like is Portinari, which is in the collectors perfume bottle edition, based on the art inspired perfume bottle by Candido Portinari. The perfume Portinari, has strong base notes of amber, musk, vanilla, and tonka. Top notes of bergamot, tangerine, and cypress....


  • Think this is similar in "strength" and the "cypress leather" in Portinari, is as you described it will be just fine. Good day. Dave USA


  • Got them in the mail today!
    Uomini smells good (a lot like Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme) and Classic is very masculine. Like em both. Thanks! Steve USA


  • My order arrived in a timely manner and well packaged. The US Postal service
    even directed it to our Winter home in ........... USA Customer


  • Just received my Tarsila Perfume, I love the collector's edition bottle, and the artwork from Tarsila do Amaral. As my partner is into visual arts, he liked the idea of a bottle inspired from the artwork. By the way the hibiscus scent is wonderful for springtime and summer in Switzerland. L Switzerland


  • "We bought our first Boticario Male fragrance last year - it is just the best cologne my husband has ever used and we want to order more now. This customer tracked us down through our old retail outlet and the Tourism Board - now that is persistence. All to make her husband smell wonderful!" New Zealand couple


  • "You don't have to be Brazilian to enjoy these wonderful scents - I just went on a cruise and I get headaches smelling all the different perfumes people wear, but when I wear my perfume I never get any headaches or stale smelling perfume odours." Mooloolaba senior


  • "My son is autistic and very sensitive to smells - we have found Homme is the only cologne he can wear. It is fresh (smells like a waterfall), not too strong and he likes the smell. He doesn't like anything that is too strong. I am just glad we found something that he can wear." Minyama mother


  • "I am a lady but I just love to wear the Boticario male fragrances, I like my perfumes strong, so I am usually drawn to the male fragrances in any range. I find the Boticario mens range is wonderful, I have worn Portinari, Quasar and Arbo so far and cannot wait to try some others." Maroochydore Store Owner


  • "Tarsilla (Hibiscus perfume) is my absolute favourite fragrance. I am living in Israel, it is hot and I just love the tropical fresh hibiscus scent of Tarsilla. I am glad that I can order it and get it sent out to me where ever I am travelling. I fell in love with it after purchasing it in Europe but ran out, thank you for helping me out with my favourite perfume and I will be in contact when I run out again." Backpacker Israel


  • "My name is Linda and of course I just had to buy the Linda Perfume. It has now become a favourite a mine, not only because it is named after me! But I love the scent and the fact it is based on natural oil essentials, and not full of chemicals like most of today's perfumes are. Next time you look at your perfume just check the details in the ingredients - you would be surprised most brands, even the famous ones are full of chemicals. That is why I Linda has become one of my favourites, and I will be trying out some of the other Boticario perfumes as well." Sales Manager Los Angeles


  • "My husband and I just love patchouli, and Quasar Boticario's male EDT is perfect for us. My husband loves the fragrance and so do I. In fact when he is not around, I sometimes use it for myself.....but don't tell him." Retired world travellers


  • "About this time last year we called into your shop, you recommended an aftershave EDT for my husband which we purchased, I have gone into your website and cant seem to find the one that we purchased, the bottle was brown glass bottle, its the best aftershave my husband has ever had and we are angry with ourselves for not grabing a couple more bottles." New Zealand couple


  • "I have just run out of my favourite Boticario After Shave, the girls in the office love it, so I can't do without it. When can you send to me, require two bottles as soon as possible." Journalist Brisbane


  • "My son (all of 16) just walked into a Government Department, and the lady behind the counter, at least twice his age, remarked how wonderful he smelt, he might not have showered that day but the Clipping EDT did the trick, I did feel a little proud of someone complementing my normally tardy, smelly, unkept 16 year old, maybe what Mum has been saying has been sinking in after all." Proud Mum


Look forward to receiving your feedback on your favourite Boticario Perfume and why!