From filling prescriptions to creating sensory indulgence......

  • O Boticário was created in 1977 by two freshly graduated pharmacists and two dermatologists who opened a small prescription drugstore in the city of Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná, in southern Brazil filling prescriptions and inventing unique special fragrances.  Little by little the store's name became a trademark and a Botica became O Boticario meaning "The Pharmacist" in ancient Portuguese.


  • O Boticário’s industrial and administrative complex has 34.4 thousand square meters of floor space in the city of São José dos Pinhais in the Curitiba Metropolitan Area. Boticario employs 1,300 people and creates approximately 10 thousand jobs through its franchising network. O Boticário’s first manufacturing plant was inaugurated in 1982, with just 1 thousand square meters of floor space.

BOTICARIO is continuing to evolve and change the world into a better place to live!


  • O Boticario (pioneered Brazil's first fragrance museum) is a company that is creative and innovative with products that express harmony and beauty - everywhere, by everybody, all over the world - a company whose trademark is a reference in innovation and superior quality, and whose actions translate into an absolute  total respect for the environment.

  • O Boticario's mission is to create beauty and well-being from the products manufactured with quality, fulfilling the customers' wishes, expectations and needs, and creating an enchantment and magic with every item they produce.

  • O Boticário’s current production exceeds 59 million units, while continuing to be at the forefront of environmental, social responsibility and technology.